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Taking Care of Employee Mental Health

Concordia EAP is a local business providing bespoke employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth to small, medium and large businesses. Our service provides an effective practical solution to employers seeking to give immediate and genuine mental health and coaching support to their employees signifying that they are valued members of the company, thereby improving teamwork, attendance, and facilitating a more positive workplace culture. We believe that early intervention and prevention is the smart and benevolent way to work as opposed to waiting for an employee crisis to occur and then having to manage the workforce around often protracted absence or even departure.

We immediately respond to bookings and can attend appointments on site to cut down time spent away from work, always willing to work collaboratively with you in modifying our services to suit the specific requirements of your business. Working with trusted and experienced specialist affiliates, the packages provided by Concordia EAP cover one to one counselling, mediation and also training in mental first aid, relational skills, personal development, productive communication, effective leadership, and more. 

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Adapting Our Service to Suit You

Depending on your company’s requirements, our process can be issue-specific or part of a longer and broader education campaign. We can provide triage sessions to ascertain the need, priority, timing and assignment of particular provisions, ensuring case management procedure is aligned with your infrastructure and goals. Our priority is to guarantee that businesses in Plymouth are connected with the correct specialist services and resources to suit their exact needs.

How We Work With Employees

Our awareness and understanding of how anxiety and depression can impact on employees has broadened over the last few decades, and so have the provision and treatment options available to help overcome these human challenges. Our mission is to use our hand-picked team of our industry professionals and their expertise to ensure employees and employers feel they have the bespoke resources in place that they require. Crisis support is available quickly and effectively where and when required, with tailor made services added to meet the changing needs of any given workforce. Employees can be referred to us via your HR department or by a nominated representative. Alternatively and where agreed, employees can contact us directly to arrange a consultation, during which we establish the right treatment for that individual and devise a suitable plan.

Take a look at our affiliates page to read more about our partners and how they can help employees at your organisation.

Why Use Concordia EAP?

Help When It’s Needed Most

Employees can often feel like they have nowhere to discuss personal or work-related problems, potentially worsening their situation and leading to increased absences or even resignation. Giving your workforce access to a local independent specialist EAP provider, where they can discuss any issues troubling them in a confidential environment, demonstrates that they are valued as an individual and part of an organisation that looks after employee welfare. 

Boost Productivity

We believe that prevention not only makes economic sense for a company but by providing employees with a comprehensive health and wellbeing support package, employees feel they have a safety net for when things are not going so well. Research shows that if a person is feeling fulfilled and happy in their work, they are more equipped to work as a part of team. Good mental health can boost motivation to give of their very best and can increase the desire to reach their own potential and the goals of the company.

Supporting Local Businesses

We are proud to dedicate ourselves to providing the highest standard of bespoke employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth. Unlike national EAP's Concordia EAP is a local company that works solely with small, medium and large regional businesses in Plymouth. Our central goal has always been to serve the Plymouth business community by helping them provide a healthy working environment for their employees.


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