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Employee Wellbeing Assisted Programmes in Plymouth

Managed Support and Training Adapted to Your Organisation

Welcome to Concordia EAP. We are a local business dedicated to the provision of employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Working with a network of specialist partners, our company enables small, medium and large businesses to help their staff with personal or workplace issues and ensure they maintain good levels of productivity and overall wellbeing, with a view towards fostering a stronger workplace culture and reducing absences from work. 

Our Services

Our wellbeing services provide employers with a comprehensive and practical way of ensuring every employee in their organisation receives the help they need. Moreover, beyond drawing on therapist affiliates to supply effective wellbeing and support, Concordia EAP works with employers to formulate a joined-up mental health strategy that suits their requirements. We give your company a toolkit of mental health resources to help you safeguard future employee wellbeing and optimise productivity. We will collaborate closely with an employer to completely understand and deliver what they require in terms of the well-being needs of their employees and organisation. To accomplish this, we offer a broad range of services.


The employee is seen for an assessment to establish their individual needs. This service is offered with or without a report.

One to one counselling

Many people feel that therapy and counselling treatments need to be a long process in order to be effective and in some therapeutic styles this is correct. However, our highly trained professionals can specifically deliver effective ‘brief intervention therapy’, this ensures that an individual is seen in a timely manner and the work is carried out in a focused way, facilitating a return to wellness in a reasonably short time. One to one therapy can take place face to face, via online video call, or by telephone. The employee can also be seen on the business premises where appropriate, lessening time spent away from the business. If required, and with explicit agreement from the employee, employers can receive a report at the end of the counselling episode along with guidance on how they can best support a given employee.


We can supply both individual and group supervision for the workers who look after the welfare of the employees. We help people who help people, helping teams build resilience and foster an improved workplace culture.

Training groups

We offer group training for key members of your organisation with a view towards improving understanding around identifying and then supporting the wellbeing needs of employees at your company. Paying particular attention to spotting stress and disharmony in teams and individuals, alongside making sure staff members know the correct protocol for arranging support for employees in need. 

We can supply workshops and training on all things mental health related. 


Workshops and training on understanding mental health

Stress management

Relational engagement

Personal development including the importance of self-responsibility for personal wellbeing

Anxiety awareness and management

Depression awareness and management

Bereavement awareness

Crisis intervention

Should there be a crisis within your organisation that requires quick therapeutic support for your employees, we aim to be on site in a timely manner to respond to this crisis. We will support anyone adversely affected mentally and/or emotionally to an occurrence in the workplace helping to mitigate any future adverse reaction. 

If an employee at your company has suffered a significant trauma and requires specialist care, Concordia EAP draws on an extensive list of therapist affiliates to assign the required support quickly and effectively. We will draw up a support plan that ensures the employee receives long-term expert assistance, with follow-ups being provided if necessary. We can attend quickly in times of crisis and will always adapt our service to meet the needs of each company’s workforce. 

For further information on Concordia’s provision of employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth, visit our affiliates page or get in touch with us directly.

How They Help Your Employees

Getting in Touch

Employees experiencing difficulties can submit a request for an assessment to their HR department, who will then refer that individual to our team of professionals. Alternatively, employees looking to remain confidential can call us directly and arrange a consultation with one of our affiliates.


The initial consultation will be aimed at understanding the employee’s situation, allowing them to express their feelings in a safe, confidential setting, ahead of identifying the therapeutic service that best suits the issues they are facing.


Having spoken with the employee, a member of our team will compile a clinical report that provides an assessment of their mental health, the severity of the problems they are facing, and the recommended course of action going forward. Where appropriate and requested this assessment can be made available for employers to view. 


We will schedule a series of sessions with the employee. This could be a short-term contract, such as six counselling sessions, or part of a longer-term intervention that also incorporates training for staff members surrounding mental health awareness, depending on the services employers choose.


With employee’s agreement, employers can receive a report at the end of the counselling agreement along with guidance on how they can best support a given employee. Periodic assessments will take place to determine the efficacy of treatment and make modifications to the service wherever needed. 

If your company is looking for employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth, get in touch with Concordia EAP.

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