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Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Your Workforce

We are a health and well-being agency specialising in the provision of employee assisted programmes in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. Concordia EAP can offer most of the psychological treatment models as well as well-being training and workshops. We work with small, medium and large businesses in the region, helping employers to ensure their staff receive the mental health support they require. Our service can boost workplace productivity, reduce absences and resignations, improve team spirit and wellness, and facilitate joined up thinking surrounding mental & physical health. 

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Our Purpose

Since our formation, we have always had one central purpose: to demonstrably improve the health and wellbeing of every individual we engage with and support. Concordia EAP is comprised of proud Plymothians. The city and its surrounding areas are deeply important to us, and we want to be instrumental in serving the Plymouth business community by helping them to provide a healthy and happy working environment for their employees.

Our Vision

Our long-term vision is to achieve and maintain the highest standards in employer support services, providing first-class bespoke employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth for businesses of all sizes, with an ultimate view towards becoming the most trusted EAP partner in Plymouth and Devon. We want to promote health and wellbeing, improve teamwork, attendance, and facilitate a more positive workplace culture across the region. 

Why We Do It

Mental health is an increasingly important consideration in the business/employment sector. Many individuals struggle with depression, anxiety, high levels of stress, addiction, and many other issues that can effect their working lives. People often do not know who to turn to for support, and increasingly it is the employer who first learns of any issue's a member of their team might be experiencing. By working with us, employers will be able to respond positively and quickly to an employee when issues arise, ensuring their employee feels listened to and cared about when they need it most. Having a personal well-being provision in place can improve productivity, reduce the number of absences, and fosters a more positive spirit in the workplace. 

Our Values


We build trust through responsible actions and honest relationships. Establishing a bond based on integrity is key to fostering an effective working partnership with businesses across Plymouth.


To stand firmly in our company values, we strive to welcome and collaborate on ideas from our customers and affiliates and transform them into practical reality for the benefit of all involved.


We value everyone and treat people with dignity, compassion, and professionalism.


Each of us is accountable for our words, actions, and responsibilities.


We welcome new ideas and concepts and work collaboratively to transform them into practical reality.


Where applicable, we enable others to see and understand how we operate in an honest way.


We have the willingness to confront a situation for the sake of rightness, no matter how difficult or challenging it may be.


We believe in the power of building strong relationships, based in trust and safety to obtain good results.

Learn more about the employee wellbeing assisted programmes in Plymouth provided by Concordia EAP by getting in touch with us or viewing our services.

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